“It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I continue to be excited by it. The best part of this experience is that I believe IQPro will give me a great supplementary income into retirement. “
Adelaide, SA


“The support and training is second to none and everyone is very helpful!”
“I purchased the software in November 2014.  I almost purchased in 2009, as I could see there was great earning potential, but went for a cheaper version instead …. that did not work and I lost my money, so was very happy when IQPro was offered to me again in 2014. The support and training is second to none and everyone is very helpful! The best part is knowing the program does work and also that everyone is so helpful and make me feel part of the team by offering involvement in everything that is available. I would definitely recommend IQPro to friends and family, plus anybody else who shows interest.”
Auckland, NZ
“I have looked at other racing software and home based businesses in the past but IQPro impressed me the most.   The logic behind IQPro made a quick impression and I was able to see it live at a member’s house before buying into it. Being a single dad with 3 teenage kids and little time on my hands IQPro fits my lifestyle perfectly. I am happy to demonstrate it to anybody who is serious about running their own business because as the saying goes “The proof is in the pudding”.  You can see it with your own eyes doing what it does best.”
Melbourne, VIC
“I work fulltime, as a secondary teacher, so I concentrate my efforts on trading most Saturdays and still average a weekly profit of $400-$500. I believe anyone can use TriLogics and comfortably achieve similar results. I found the training provided to be most thorough and supportive and after a few months’ paper trading began to trade live.”
Geelong, VIC
“The people behind the scenes are always helpful and knowledgeable…”
“I purchased the program in March 2007. I purchased the program as a hobby. I was about aged 70 at the time (82 now) and I find it great.  I paper traded for many months, till I was confident that I could profit. My expectations for the next year are $30,000- 50,000. The best part of being an IQPro member is that I am working with a genuine and honest company.”
Bendigo, VIC
"I purchased the software program back in 2002 from a person called Matthew Whyatt whom ended up convincing me the program was good and would make me the money I wanted to eventually retire. Subsequently I can honestly say my trust in Matthew was justified, he was telling the truth and his program is all he said it would be. Today IQPro is my business I have set up my office as such and work the program most days and am working on a target to earn $50,000 this year being a target of $200 per session. This will be easy to achieve based on my current achievements.”
Capalaba, QLD


“I spoke to a couple of established users, actually viewed the program running prior to purchasing it.  I had just retired from 43 years teaching across NSW and wanted a supplementary income. For the last 5 years I have averaged just over the $100K per year.  As I become more confident with IQPro I anticipate increasing that to around the $150K.  If someone showed some interest I would be happy to run through the program with them and certainly recommend it!”
Coonabarabran, NSW
“I've been using TriLogics for 8 years and the new IQPro is a nice software, well built and easy to use. The Training is very good and the Support has been quite acceptable and with the new software I can see a good improvement of the service”
Preston, VIC
“I think the new training portal and the entire operation of IQPro are both excellent.  The people behind the scenes are always helpful and knowledgeable and are prompt with their responses.”
Bay of Plenty, NZ
“I purchased the software in May 2015. My experience so far has been exciting and challenging. My income expectations for the next year is $72,000. I would recommend IQPro to anyone who is wanting to earn extra money, has self control, discipline and treat this as a business.”
Blacktown, NSW