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Our Goal is Simple

Create and Support Amazing Horse Racing Software

Take a moment to watch the creator of IQPro being interviewed by ‘Wealth Creator’

IQPro is more than just a piece of software, IQPro implement calculations that have been perfected for over a decade all designed to earn you more. Sounds complex? It is, but IQPro was designed to be controlled by anyone with even basic computer knowledge. If you want to know more about the systems behind IQPro, give us a call or click below.


How do we do this?

BY delivering World class training, Software development, Creating and maintaining industry alliances, By Investing heavy in our support software to ensure all of our clients have instant access to the solutions to 99% of issues that may crop up. User forums, Local User group’s ect.

The 4 Pillars Report

The characteristics of the most successful traders with IQPro.

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