How YOU can succeed

As with nearly everything in life, “You get-out, what you put-in”. Reports from some IQPro owners confirm that the amount of time spent using the program has a direct impact on how much clients make. The same could be said regarding following trading guidelines.

Reports from clients, as well as our own experience, shows that other factors affect whether a client makes $500 per week or $1500 per week. These include, but aren’t limited to: the willingness to complete all training, the ability to use all modules and trading strategies, a user’s willingness to follow trading guidelines and adhere to daily targets, etc.


“Currently I operate the system 2 or 3 days per week with an average return of around $500 per week. It is my intention a little way down the track to make this my sole source of income by operating 4 or 5 days a week.”

PAST Figures 2004 to 2014 JULY


IQPro average monthly and daily post race-figures
2014 | Figures
Average Monthly $3,974.84
January $4,009.35
February $8,525.70
March ($921.15)
April $7,051.15
May $3,108.55
June $745.60
July $4,039.50
August $4,056.60
September $3,035.75
October $4,094.90
November $4,412.80
December $5,539.35

IQPro Group posts the above figures as an indication of what can be achieved daily, weekly or monthly, on average over a 7 year period. The monthly figures are what can be achieved working the program on a full time basis (approximately 30–35 hours a week).

The figures are posted by our trainers and are calculated using the same software used by IQPro owners. It is not guaranteed that everyone’s results will match these figures. They are posted as an indication of what a IQPro owner could have made while following the guidelines taught. Anyone working fewer or inconsistent hours per day can obviously expect their results to differ from the figures posted above. We strongly advise consistent use of our trading guidelines to achieve the best possible results.

For example (based on the above figures):

  • Wednesday & Saturday – $22,656.50 pa
  • Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday – $32,716.55 pa
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday – $41,660.40 pa